Worldwide Measles Outbreaks 2019: Update 25 February

This is the first update on the original 18 February post on measles outbreak 2018. Changes have been made for: Chad, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Madagascar, Philippines, Ukraine, Vietnam.

Country Data

(Cases and deaths in 2019, unless otherwise stated.)

Australia: 11 cases in January in New South Wales according to a government report; 1 in Perth according to Perth News.

Brazil: Between December 2018 and January 2019 there have been 10 213 cases (Amazonas: 9778 cases (6 deaths); Bahia 2; Federal District 1; Pará 61 (2), Pernambuco 4; Rio Grande do Sul 45; Rio de Janeiro 19; Rondônia 2; Roraima 355 (4); São Paolo 3; Sergipe 4) (PAHO/WH 2019).

Burma: 248, according to Outbreak News Today.

Canada: 9  cases in British Columbia during the first two weeks of February, according to Vancouver Coastal Health.

Chad: From 1 January to 15 February 2019 there were > 2000 cases and 11 deaths according to Outbreak News Today.

Chile: 1 (PAHO/WH 2019).

Costa Rica: 1 case, known to be imported, in an unvaccinated boy, according to Outbreak News Today.

Colombia: 1 (PAHO/WH 2019).

France: 39 cases in the French Alps, according to Outbreak News Today.

Georgia: 312 cases according to Georgia Today.

Ireland: 7, according to Outbreak News Today.

Israel: 3400 cases from March 2018 through the end of January 2019, according to the Ministry of Health.

Japan: 167 cases through 10 February, according to Outbreak News Today.

Kazakhstan: Ongoing outbreak but no quantitative data seem available.

Madagascar: 68 912 (926 deaths) since October according to WHO and Outbreak News Today.

Philippines: As of 24 February there have been 12 734 cases with 203 deaths according to Outbreak News Today.

South Korea: 30 cases in January, according to KCDC.

Thailand: 613 cases (2 deaths) through 2 February, according to Outbreak News Today.

Ukraine: 21 355 cases up to 15 February 2019, according to Outbreak News Today.

United States: 127 cases in 10 states according to CDC.

Venezuela: No data seem to be available for 2019; Paniz-Mondolfi et al. (2019) report 5525 cases for 2018 and the disease is believed to be in the ascendancy because of the ongoing economic and political chaos.

Vietnam: 926 cases in the first six weeks of 2019, according to Outbreak News Today.



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